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Agroh Infrastructure Developers Pvt. Ltd is one of India’s leading
Infrastructure Development Company which has executed a number of complex projects through its vertically integrated approach.Our company was incorporated on 13th March 2001 and was the culmination of preceding 18 year track record of Mr. Shailendra Singhal. Our company is considered to be one of the most reputable, reliable and respected construction companies in India it, also ranks on top of
any list for efficiency, effectiveness and unsurpassed quality projects. We are actively involved in all verticals and models within construction in India whether, it’s the traditional route based on payment basis or the modern model of PPP (Public Private Partnership) viz. BOT and Annuity.

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OUR SERVICES Modern Design & Built Using Latest Technology

EPC Model

EPC is the oldest pattern through which projects are floated by governmental agencies

BOT / HAM Model

National Highway Development Program and other governmental agencies

OMT Model

The OMT model is similar to the BOT model except that OMT does not require the concessionaire to construct

Toll Collection

Toll collection refers to the collection of fee for and on behalf of the concessionaire


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